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If the debt is so overwhelming that an affected person can not find a way out, private insolvency is usually the only way out. The insolvency proceedings ends with the discharge of residual debt . All remaining debts are then issued, with a few exceptions, and the former debtor can start liberated into a new phase of life .

However, debts are still a topic that those concerned prefer not to mention. Before filing, many debtors therefore ask themselves the question, “Does the employer learn of a personal bankruptcy?” They fear, for example, that a dismissal could follow.

Basically, it can first be stated that according to employment law you are not obliged to inform your employer if you register for a private bankruptcy . And even if you do, it must not be to the detriment of you. Your employer can not terminate you just because you are going through a personal bankruptcy.

What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis → Good to know: The principle that you do not have to inform your employer when you are in private bankruptcy also applies to job interviews . You are not required to inform a prospective employer about your financial position or existing debts . This also applies if the interview explicitly asks for a personal bankruptcy .

Why is the employer often aware of the bankruptcy?

If the employer learns about personal bankruptcy , this is not a reason for cancellation.

Regarding the question “Does the employer learn about my personal bankruptcy”, part of the answer is as follows: You yourself do not have to provide any information. Nevertheless, it is often the case that such information reaches the employer . How does this happen?

During the conduct phase , you are obligated to a portion of your income to the liquidator to deliver. Often, this directly addresses your employer and asks there the amount of your income. In addition , the insolvency administrator instructs him to transfer the attachable amount directly . This gives the employer information about your personal bankruptcy.

If you want to avoid this, you only have the option of asking the insolvency administrator to claim the attachable part of your income from you and not from the employer . Basically, this approach is possible. However , it is at the discretion of the insolvency administrator whether he actually complies with your request.