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  • Loans without endorsement and the figure of the guarantor
  • Where can I contract loans without third parties?
  • What types of non-guaranteed loans currently exist?
  • General requirements that lenders will require of us
  • 3 tricks to hire loans without endorsement instantly
  • Precautions before applying for a loan without endorsement
  • How to increase the chances of getting a credit
  • Is it safe to take out online loans without a guarantee?
  • These are the loans without endorsement with ASNEF
  • Can I reform my house with a loan without an endorsement?

Loans without endorsement and the figure of the guarantor

Loans without endorsement and the figure of the guarantor

In the world of loans, the guarantee is an additional guarantee requested by some financial institutions when they consider that the borrower does not have enough equity to respond to the payment of the loan he wishes to hire. A third person (the guarantor) commits by contract to respond to the payment of the debt with his capital or his assets if the borrower does not do so , that is, he will have to reimburse the installments in case of delay of the borrower.

In this way, the lenders ensure that the loan money will be returned to them, even if the applicant does not offer sufficient guarantees of payment. It is nothing less than adding an extra degree of security to the lender in the event that our economic profile does not meet the required requirements.

Therefore, a loan without an endorsement is, simply and plainly, a loan that can be contracted without having to rely on the support of a third person . As we have said, entities only require a guarantor if the means at our disposal are not enough to cover the payment of monthly payments, so if our level of income is adequate, we will not have many problems to obtain a loan without endorsement, all if we ask for a low amount loan.

Where can I contract loans without third parties?

The vast majority of entities that grant personal loans will not require us to be backed by a third party if our level of income is sufficient to repay the requested credit or if we provide another type of additional guarantee, such as a property or a vehicle. These are the entities that currently allow us to obtain loans without endorsement:

  • Conventional banks : it is usually the most frequent option when we look for financing. The banks of our country usually offer a wide variety of financing products, some of them without requiring us to present a guarantee, as is the case with pre-granted loans or payroll advances.
  • Financial companies : they are privately financed companies that became popular in the wake of the crisis. Virtually none of these companies will ask for an endorsement. The requirements and conditions that we must meet in order to access the financing we need are more lax than in banking entities, but in any case, it will be essential that we demonstrate that we have a minimum, sufficient and periodic income that allows us to pay fees. our loan
  • Major commercial brands : they are companies, such as department stores, dealers or telephone companies, which will also offer us the financing we need without having a guarantor. Normally this type of loans without endorsement granted by non-financial companies will give us the product that we want to acquire at the moment and we will pay its price in comfortable installments.

Depending on how much money you need, how urgently want to receive and use we want to give, we will cheaper to apply our loan without collateral in an entity or OTR. For example, if we want to finance the purchase of a car, it would be convenient to compare the options given by the banking or financial entities and those that are not, as in the case of the dealer where we are going to make the purchase.

What types of non-guaranteed loans currently exist?

What types of non-guaranteed loans currently exist?

Entities will only require us to have a guarantor if we do not offer sufficient payment guarantees. Therefore, we can affirm that the vast majority of loans are loans without collateral, since we will not need a third party to support us if we have enough income to pay the fees agreed with the loan provider. Next we will see what are the different credits without endorsement that we can hire if we do not have the support of a relative or acquaintance:

  • Mini Credits instantly :
    • They are loans that do not require either guarantee or payroll and offer up to 1,200 euros in a matter of a few minutes with an online, fast and simple application process. Mini-credits available through the Internet generally have a maximum term of 30 days, although certain lenders will allow us to request extensions or return them in advance (the cost will depend on their conditions). It is advisable to set the return date the following day or a few days after collecting the payroll , to guarantee that we will have enough money to return it and, in addition, reduce the credit life time to the maximum. In turn, this type of loan without low-value guarantee is designed to solve specific problems and with responsibility, since its price is much higher than that of traditional financing.
  • Personal loans :
    • Although some personal loans do require a guarantor, in many cases it is possible to obtain them without this financial figure. Depending on our situation and our level of income, we can obtain loans without guarantees of amounts over 5,000 euros, with repayment terms of up to several years. They have an average cost of around 8% APR and are reimbursed in monthly installments of one part of capital and another part of interest.
  • Credit cards :
    • Another alternative available to us to obtain express financing is to resort to credit cards. With them, we can access a line of credit from which we can withdraw cash or use it to pay for purchases and pay them in installments. Credit cards do not require a guarantor and the limit will be conditioned to the holder’s level of income. However, we must bear in mind that in order for a bank to issue a credit card, our profile must be optimal and solvent.

As we can see, each type of loan without collateral has different characteristics and added advantages that may be less attractive depending on our profile, the money we want to obtain and for what purpose we are going to use it. According to the purpose that we have thought of giving these loans without endorsement, the capital that we need or our economic situation will be convenient to request a type of credit without endorsement or other.

General requirements that lenders will require of us

The entities that manage the loans with endorsement will not ask us to have a guarantee to support us in case of non-payment, but they will require us to have a minimum and sufficient income that can guarantee that they do not run any risk when lending us money. We can get these credits with ASNEF as long as we demonstrate the following:

  • We have sufficient, regular and demonstrable income (a payroll, a pension, a scholarship, the rent of a property to a third party, a payment for unemployment …).
  • We are Spanish residents (we have a DNI / NIE or passport that proves it).
  • We are of legal age (although some entities will ask us to be at least 21 or 25 years old).

We must bear in mind that these requirements will vary depending on the entity with which we are dealing and what our personal and financial situation is. Of course, all these conditions are exclusive, so if we do not comply, we can not access the loan with endorsement we need.

3 tricks to hire loans without endorsement instantly

3 tricks to hire loans without endorsement instantly

As we have seen, if we meet a series of requirements and, above all, we have a stable, demonstrable and sufficient source of income, we will not have problems obtaining loans without endorsement. However, not every time you accept our loan application without endorsement , so if we want to increase our chances we can follow the following tricks:

  1. The smaller the amount, the easier it will be if they do not demand an endorsement . The clearest example we have in the minicréditos , a way to get up to 1,200 euros for which it will not be necessary to have payroll or guarantor.
  2. It is always preferable to ask for personal loans online to apply for loans with a mortgage guarantee, because this way we can get a loan without a guarantee without having to put our home as collateral.
  3. Finally, we must bear in mind that personal loans without collateral are negotiable , since everything depends on the profile of the applicant, the amount requested and other factors such as the term in which you want to return it.

A loan without an endorsement is easier to obtain, but it does not exempt our liability from the debt. We must remember that before the non-payment of the loan without guarantee we will have to respond with all our assets and that a bank always has preference in a jury in front of other creditors . This happens both with fast- payer and mini- credit lenders without payroll.

Precautions before applying for a loan without endorsement

That they lend us a loan without endorsement and without a payroll does not exempt us from our acquired responsibility before the debt . By signing the loan agreement without the guarantee that we have requested, we are contracting a debt that we will have to repay in the way we previously agreed with the lender.

In the event that we do not pay one or more installments, the entity will apply a series of penalties for non-payment that will increase the price of the loan and, in addition, we run the risk that our data will be included in one of the list of defaulters of our country. If the default were prolonged, the consequences could be even more serious, since the lender could request a judge to seize our assets.

Some entities, however, offer the possibility of extending the term of their loans without endorsement to clients who, for whatever reason, can not satisfy the debt within the agreed term. Asking for an extension usually has a cost, but it always comes out cheaper than paying the commissions and interest for late payment . If we want to extend the term of the loans without guarantee, we will have to contact the entity before the expiration date and pay the corresponding cost. In case the lender does not offer us this possibility, we can try to negotiate the extension of the term to pay more affordable installments.

Is it safe to take out online loans without a guarantee?

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In recent years, the number of financial institutions that manage loans without endorsement through the Internet has increased , which has also led some illegitimate lenders to offer fraudulent services to users seeking quick money. To differentiate between those that are transparent and those that are not convenient to take into account the following factors:

  1. A reliable lender will never ask us for money in advance , even in concept as “management expenses”. Generally, thanks to the simulators, if we want to request credits without endorsement we can know in advance how much we will have to pay and how many installments. Likewise, it is convenient that we know that online loans without collateral do not usually include commissions or linked products.
  2. The page of the lender of credits without endorsement must follow the correct protocols of security , that protect our personal and banking data. To know that we will find ourselves before a secure website, the following should appear:
    • In the address bar of the web of loans without endorsement a green padlock should appear.
    • The url of the page must start with # a security protocol that guarantees that the transfer of the online data is activated.
  3. They can not take us out of ASNEF : the only way out of these files is to make the debt effective and that the entity that included us eliminates us. We must doubt the entities that promise to take us out in exchange for “management expenses” or any other suggestion.

Enter and look for opinions in a financial comparator such as, not only help us to know tricks like these, but in it we can also find opinions of other users about a brand. On the other hand, we can also consult the official associations of private equity lenders, because if the entity we go to is registered, we will have total confidence that it is reliable.

These are the loans without endorsement with ASNEF

We must know that there are certain lenders that will allow us to obtain loans without collateral even if we have outstanding debts. If we are included in ASNEF due to a non-payment with our telephone operator or our telephone company, we can obtain loans without an ASNEF guarantee provided that we comply with additional requirements:

  • The outstanding debt can not have any relationship with a bank or any product or service issued by it.
  • The default can not exceed the amount stipulated by the lender, which usually ranges between 200 and 1,000 euros.

We must bear in mind that the basic requirements to get credits or minicréditos with endorsement are that we have sufficient and periodic monthly income that allows us to correctly return the amount of money that we have borrowed. Also, we must be of legal age (or 21 or 25 years old, depending on the concession policy of the entity), be residents in Spain and have a checking account in our name where they can deposit the money we have requested.

Can I reform my house with a loan without an endorsement?

The reforms of our house can be of all kinds, as can also the loans that we can request. If we want a loan reform to remodel some aspect of our housing, it should be noted that these will not need endorsement either. Depending on which project we have in mind, we can request the following reform loans that will allow us to make small repairs or larger projects. According to the purpose that we want to make, therefore, the credit that we request will be of greater or lesser amount.

  • For large renovations, we will need to resort to the credits of large sizes. Personal loans for reforms are the way to finance projects that require construction or total changes. This type of loans for reforms, as we said, allow us to obtain financing between 1,000 and 60,000 euros. Their terms are much broader (ranging from a few months to several years, depending on the criterion of the financial institution in question).
  • Mini credits for less complicated reforms. If it is a small redesign like buying a piece of furniture or if, on the other hand , we need to solve a breakdown in the home, with a mini-loan for reforms it would be enough. These mini credits offer smaller amounts than we have seen previously with personal loans. They tend to oscillate between 300 and 1,200 euros. The term of this kind of credits is short since, at most, its reimbursement must be made in a month and in a single installment. Therefore, when we hire this type of mini loan for reforms, we must be sure that we can return it the following month.

As we see, it depends on the reform project that we have in mind, the type of financing will vary. Of course, in both cases the fact that, to go to these two examples of credits, it will not be necessary to have an endorsement.